Web Based Vehicle Tracking

AccutrAVL is a powerful, low cost, high ROI GPS tool that allows you to effectively manage and locate your vehicles in real-time. In today's competitive market, fleets of all sizes are now employing the latest in GPS technology in order to fully manage everything from light service vehicles to tractor trailer units.

AccutrAVL provides fleet owners with real-time, downloadable reports designed to indicate where a fleet's expenses are going. The primary return comes from allowing you to RECOVER money already being spent on fuel, overtime, and lost productivity among others. Fleets have been proven to see a return within 2 months of running AccutrAVL.

AccutrAVL Key Features & Benefits:

Key Features
Track 1 to 1000+ units
Secure web access from any computer
Low capital cost and monthly fees
One phone call setup
Deploy to one vehicle in minutes or entire fleet in days not months
Device wired into truck and can't be deactivated by driver
Key Reports
Stop Duration Reports
Distance Travelled Report
Historical Speed & Position Report
Idle Summary Report
Point Fence Alerts Reports
Real-time Analysis Map
Custom Map Filter Options

Key Fleet Improvements

Fuel Savings
Track and reduce driver behavior that wastes fuel such as speeding, excessive idling, and aggressive acceleration
Reduce unauthorized vehicle usage
Monitor and optimize drivers routes for inefficiency
Fits with "Driving Green" initiative
Driver Productivity
Use real-time map and key reports to locate vehicles
Increase overall number of service calls per driver
Always dispatch closest vehicle to a job site
Track and reduce unauthorized stops and over length commutes to work site
Fleet Safety
Track driver speeds and eliminate aggressive driving habits
Replay any historical driving trips
Proactively reduce rate of accidents
Effectively track vehicle maintenance times and reduce vehicle wear

Key Cost Reductions

Track start and stop of work day accurately
Track time on site for job counting
Reduce payroll and billing mistakes
Insurance Premiums
Modify driver behavior to improve Safety Rating and Insurance discount (up to 15%)
Reduce events that lead to high insurance premiums like speeding tickets or accidents
Locate stolen vehicles (system is invisible to driver and can't be disabled)
Reduce company liability